Preparing for your Personal Brand and Content Creation Photo Shoot

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Gone are the days of posting text and hoping your potential clients will see what you have to say! Hello, social media, networking, storytelling – hello real honest vibes and getting to know the person behind your brand!

These are not once off head shots, these are little stories creating a first impression and lasting impression.

Now that you are ready to book, I have placed a few very important tips and ideas below to help make your shoot a huge success. There is a bit of work going to come in from your side – but it’ll be worth every extra effort you make to get the content that shouts your brand well.


It’s important to have a final end product in mind. Why are you doing this? Where will you be using these images? This is important for me to know – you cannot fit a portrait photograph into a Facebook cover – and so I would have to shoot in a way that suits your posting needs.


Do you need negative space for writing? More portrait or more landscape? Instagram or Facebook? For your blog?

Plan out a Shot List if you have specific images in mind.


Lighting plays the most important role in photographs. I prefer to work with natural light as far as possible – this means that the location is also key to creating this effect. If  you prefer a more artificial look- the next step will help you and I create that.

Outdoor sessions with Nature need to be done on late afternoons or early mornings

Indoor sessions, in a home or coffee shop are better at around midday.



Choose something you know flatters your body. But bring a few outfits along so that we can see what may work best on camera. TRY STICK TO YOUR BRAND. Dressing the colours of your brand or having a splash of the brand colours works wonders to pull your whole brand identity together in images. Stay true to your style, but also consider who you are speaking to – are you more of a corporate suit type or a work from home in jeans and t-shirts type and are those also who you are speaking to.

Try to avoid: White and Lumo colours, bright red, bright green. Avoid clothes that are too tight or too loose and anything with visible pictures or wording.


We will need some props for your shoot – this will help to show a more natural aspect in your images rather than the formal posed look.

Standard items you can bring along are: Laptops, tablet, phone, diary, notebook, stationery, few coffee cup options, flowers, pot plants and books. As well as any other items you actually use on a day to day basis to run your business. TIP: try getting these items in the colour of your brand to help pull the entire idea through. Not everything has to be this way though. For example – your brand is light, airy and neutral – but you bring a bright green note pad with the words CROXLEY on the front and this will not pull things together but rather confuse the audience.


If you have your own space, which will work really well I would be happy to utilize this area as it is most unique. If not, we would use a coffee shop, Air bnb or nature layout. There are also some amazing spaces in JHB, but keep in mind some of these options may cost additionally to achieve. Remember lots of natural light – or have a chat with me if you have something else in mind.


This is going to be the place where I will begin to understand your final ideas, looks and vibe to a T! See if you can find some imagery that represents similarly to what you would like to achieve – but think carefully and try to collect ideas that are similar in style – too many themes can confuse you and myself. Keep in mind that I am still a creative with my own shooting and editing style.

TIP: use Pinterest and share your secret board to me so that I can have a look. alternatively you could create something using 4-6 images on your photo collage app and send it over Whatsapp.


For the ladies and sometimes also the gents, consider having someone do you up- this will create a more professional look and people will take you more seriously. This is also helpful for me with editing and final outcome if you have a “bad skin day” (we all have those) or shiny skin.

If you use our make-up artist, arrive with your face clean and moisturized 1 hour prior to your shoot. If you are doing your own makeup and hair, please arrive READY for the first shot 🙂 Bring along your makeup bag in case you would like to change up your look or lipstick (gents you can skip this step!)


I have 7 years experience in posing – and so all you need to do is have fun and relax- i will guide you the whole way through.

Team Photos

If you need a group of people to be photographed – keep in mind the space allowance. Also consider getting everyone to dress in a certain colour scheme so that the group photo looks professional and though out.


If I have scheduled this shoot with you, I have blocked out my calendar on the agreed time and date- which means I have turned down other bookings for that time. I know life is unpredictable and things may happen unexpectedly, I do ask that you will notify me 24 hours before a cancellation – a small fee will be charge within that time frame for a reschedule.

That’s it! If you still have some questions please feel free to contact me here 


On paying your booking fee, you are agreeing to the notes and information posted in this blog, as you would agree to simple terms and conditions.

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