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Matric Dance photo shoot in a garden setting on location in Kempton Park, Pre-drinks matric photo shoot individual and groups, Kempton Park Photographer

Kempton Park Photographer | Matric Portraits | Shavanna

“Every girl pretends she is a princess at one point, no matter how little her life is like that.” ― Alex Flinn, Beastly  

Engagament photo shoot in Nature and in a park at Delta Park Johannesburg, Fun posed and natural esession on location in the West Rand

West Rand Photographer | Delta Park Esession | Lesa-Jo and Julian

“I truly believe that people are looking for stories that really mean something–stories that are redemptive, inspiring, and bigger than an individual.” -Scott Harrison  

Magaliesburg Wedding | Askari Lodge | Wendy and Alan

Here is part two of Wendy and Alan’s Wedding Story. The whole day was just a perfect indication of who they both are as people, quiet, calm and relaxed and I could not have picked more amazing weather for the day as their photographer. The two of them got married at Askari Lodge on a hot October day. Their story was just lovely to tell!   Have a look at Wendy and Alan’s Engagement Session Here.

Irene Dairy Farm Matric Dance Photo Shoot, Individual and group photographs in Centurion

Centurion Matric Photography | Irene Dairy Farm | Renzo and Shani

Renzo and Shani were just gorgeous at the the Irene Dairy Farm where we met up for their Pre-Matric Dance Photographs. Thank you both for allowing me to tell part of your story, I hope it was a blast!

Maboneng Couple Shoot | Engagement Photographer | Mizhaan and Ashley

“When we are in love we seem to ourselves quite different from what we were before.” — Blaise Pascal    

Engagement Shoot | 44 Stanley | Luis and Kate

We will be telling Luis and Kate’s Wedding Story in December this year! The two of them are quiet but balanced people and had no trouble being themselves for their photo shoot. Thank you for embracing your training session for the next chapter of your lives!