Suppliers I Work With

I am very proud to have worked in conjunction with the following quality partners.

My wish is to create a safe, comfortable environment as a service provider. Helping you maintain confidence in your own skin and achieving your goals.

Not only is TestaRossa a place to make you feel good about yourself, but to also find a sense of comfort in doing what you do for a reason and feeling motivated about it.

With ranges that continue expanding, we currently offer Slimming, Detoxing, Sunbed Sessions, Nails, Make-up and Waxing.

My goal, is to help you reach yours.

A unique Johannesburg based printing boutique that offers our clientèle an extensive range of magnificent and beautifully made wedding, birthday and corporate printing solutions.

With over 16 years of experience in the wedding and printing industry our talented and dynamic team are able to sit down with a client and put together a personalised and stunning print solution suited to each client’s vision and style.

An Art-dress is a word I came up with because I see myself more as an artist than a designer although I am both. There are so much inspiration and preparation that comes before putting a dress together. So many sleepless nights.

Always thinking about how I should do it, doing it in my head a hundred times over to find the best way... So it is not just about buying fabric and doing something that I can also quickly turn into something else when a mind suddenly change.

I am a professional, fulltime, makeup artist who is extremely passionate about what I do. I treat every client as an individual and ensure that I meet their every need using the latest innovative techniques, as well as professional long wearing products which are readily available should you wish to purchase them.

My clients include a wide variety of well known celebrities as well as celebrity wives. Because I love what I do so much, I take great pleasure and pride in my work.

Heinz Boesenberg Photo Video is a company based in Pretoria, and we pride ourselves to deliver outstanding products to our clients. We also travel internationally.

Our media packages are designed to integrate with our photography – sometimes a little more still imagery, other times more motion – when we meet we’ll chat a little and find a beautiful balance.