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Inspired By Alex Beadon

Who am I? People never really listen when they ask themselves that question, and they don’t really think about it either. There is something so simplistic about putting words together to describe someone – to describe yourself.

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*This is me *

Who am I? I am a woman, with a soft heart. My heart cries for everything that made Jesus cry. I am adventurous, I want to learn, I want to live and I want to BE. Those are not complicated, they are as simple as being: joyous, excited, at peace, or sad, disappointed or lost. I love hearing delightful sounds, I love smelling food just before I eat it, or soaps and creams before I use them. I am in love with a summer breeze– I am happy when the people I love want to spend time with me, and I thrive on newness!

BUT, what I also am is a photographer- YOUR photographer.

I am writing this article because I want to write more. I want to give more than I receive in the photography community. I want the people who use my services to understand a little bit more about the inner depths of my soul. I want to blog for my clients because they will receive more than a photo shootthey will receive constant confirmation that their investment with me was worth every penny.

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* One of my clients on her CONFIDENCE shoot! *

This blog is not only for telling stories about others for them. It is also for Mom’s who want to learn about photography and new mom’s who want to show off their baby, families who want an experience, brides and grooms who want their stories to be told, people who want to showcase their work, photographers who need guidance in the real world of dealing with others and alas, anyone who wants to make their own shoot a huge success.

I have been photographing families almost every weekend for the last three months- sometimes 7 shoots per Saturday. I joined a Groupon company and went CRAZY! I am so busy I don’t remember what day it is sometimes. I have been using these lovely shoots (some of my awesome new clients may know what I am talking about here) to improve, improve, IMPROVE– and I am so proud of myself, because I can now say I am an experienced family photographer!

Family Location Shoot, Horwoods Farm, Edenvale Photographer Family Location Shoot, Horwoods Farm, Edenvale Photographer

I am currently working on a very secret project. It is one of my FAR better ideas from over the years, and I am SO excited because I am going to finally make it work next year. {Watch this space!}

There is a message, a message I want to send out to every spectacular person reading this post- be it an admirer, a once off visitor or a client: I want to give you information you have never received before. I want you all to take away something new from this blog- whether it be an idea for a shoot, or a sudden spark of “OMW I have never thought of that”. I want you to receive as much as possible in the way of tips for everything related to photography- or not? I want to help 🙂

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I am feeling completely dramatic after that article- tell me what you took out of it? I know I can improve somewhere- tell me about it!

Yours Truley


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