What is the difference between a STUDIO & LOCATION Photo Shoot?

A Studio photo shoot is based in one room with a white or black backdrop, it’s very basic but it’s more private. A location photo shoot is basically just that, any location you can think of that can be legally used for photo shoots, for example: your favourite park or building.

What do I wear to my Photo Shoot

In a studio, you would ideally wear jeans and a coloured t-shirt (stay away from white on white, black on black, orange and green). Also you may wear anything else, and if you are a couple or family be sure to try and match as best you can. On location, it’s better to wear jeans and t-shirts too, but many people love to mix it up a little, remember to stay away from green (especially if it’s in a park or garden). Extra: You are welcome to bring funny clothing items to spruce up your shoot if you like ie. colourful gumboots.

How long is my Photoshoot?

Depending on which pricing plan you may take, your shoot can be anything from 30min to 3 hours. Give me a call or pop me a mail if you would like more info.

How many photos do I get?

This answer also depends on which pricing plan you take. It can be anything from 15 images to 70 images and the option to buy extras is also available!

Do you do printing?

Yes of course! I offer prints in some of my pricing plans, and I also offer them separately. I also do printing of canvases, albums, invitations and I do framing as well. Pop me a mail or give me a call if you would like to know more about them.

How long do I wait for my photos?

The hardest part! A maximum of 4 weeks for 1 hour photo shoots and a maximum of 8 weeks for weddings. If you are in a rush for a gift or are moving away, and extra fee of R1000 for 24 hour editing is available.

What if I want to use you as my Wedding Photographer?

If you are interested in me as your wedding photographer, the first step is organising a meeting. You are welcome to choose the location. I am happy to meet near your home, at your home or even at the beach if you so wish. Please understand that we can better understand each other that way- I only want to give you what YOU want on your special day.

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