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Matric Dance photo shoot in a garden setting on location in Kempton Park, Pre-drinks matric photo shoot individual and groups, Kempton Park Photographer

Kempton Park Photographer | Matric Portraits | Shavanna

“Every girl pretends she is a princess at one point, no matter how little her life is like that.” ― Alex Flinn, Beastly  

Irene Dairy Farm Matric Dance Photo Shoot, Individual and group photographs in Centurion

Centurion Matric Photography | Irene Dairy Farm | Renzo and Shani

Renzo and Shani were just gorgeous at the the Irene Dairy Farm where we met up for their Pre-Matric Dance Photographs. Thank you both for allowing me to tell part of your story, I hope it was a blast!

Matric Dance Photography | Kempton Park | Leander and Velme

These two just looked amazing in their Matric Dance Attire! I arrived to help create images that told the story of this special time in their lives and was greeted with open arms. Ek doen Matriek Afskeid Fotografie in Kempton Park en oral in the Oos Rand.  

Irene Dairy Farm Matric Dance | Centurion Photographer | Riela

Riela is a pure and wonderful soul. I had the pleasure of telling her matric dance story at the Irene Dairy Farm last year. Her Dad was amazing in organising a custom made number plate as a gift with her name on it. She is quiet but has a sort of elegance about her. Thank you for letting me capture such a special chapter in your life Riela.