Answers to Questions you have no IDEA how to ask your photographer

Recently, I discovered that so many brides and grooms are overwhelmed by the reality of planning their wedding day. “Who should I hire?”, “Can I trust them?”, “What if we choose the wrong person?” is what goes through your mind for every single vendor. Although I cannot speak for all of them, I can try speak for other photographers, so I put together some questions you might not know how to ask- enjoy!

1. I like your style of photography, but I would like to put a name to it- can you?

There are three types of “shooting styles” photographers are using today: Photojournalistic {this is where the photographer comes into your story, but never really interacts too much or directs your poses in any way- it is pure storytelling exactly how and when it happens}. Posed {this is when the photographer directs and guides you through every aspect of your day, it is not necessarily considered a bad thing, because photographers know best for good light and composition ie pretty photos}. Best of Both {This is a combination of the above two, which is what most photographers offer today. A little bit of spontaneity with a little bit of guidance}.

answers to questions you have no idea how to ask your photographer, wedding photography questions


2. How do you break down and separate colour and B&W images?

Some photographers give you the set amount of images in your package. They will change some to black and white, ad some will stay colour. Most photographers will give you everything in colour, then either some or all duplicates of the colour images.

answers to questions you have no idea how to ask your photographer, wedding photography questions

3. Is your assistant your second photographer?

Nope, our assistants are like Caddy’s in Golf 🙂 They make sure we do not lose track of our equipment, and sometimes they carry the dress or do funny things to help us get awesome photographs! Second photographers carry a camera like the main photographer to capture the extras!

4. Do we get high resolution images? or are they only low resolution and do you put your logo on?

You should try to find this out as best you can photographers all around the world work differently. Most photographers give you both and never add their logo. You paid good money to own those photographs, so the logo should not be on any of themread your contract carefully.

5. I am a bit shy to tell you my budget, can I trust you will be fair?

Yes! There are a majority of photographers who have set pricing packages and do not budge from them. However, a lot of us want to help you, and although sometimes we are unable to, there is nothing to be shy about. Everyone has different budgets– and we know that. Tell your photographer, if you really do not have a figure, that is ok too!

6. But why is wedding photography so expensive?

I am sure this question has been answered a million times. But if you haven’t had the privilege to read the answer yet, here it is to the best of my ability: Photography is a freelance job. The wedding industry is the most difficult industry to attain business in {brides and grooms cannot easily be found, like moms and dads at schools for example}. We have rent, medical aid, insurance and grocery bills just like anyone else. But we also have to keep our equipment up to date- Cameras, Lenses, Editing Programs, and things we do for you: Special Packaging, storing your images for 20 years on hard-drives and so on 🙂

How would we tell and complete your wedding story without any of those?

answers to questions you have no idea how to ask your photographer, wedding photography questions

7. Will you work with us on the photographs we would like to have?

This is a difficult thing. A lot of photographers want you to be happy, so they will help you out. However, expect to be very prepared if you have specific shots in mind. Just a friendly reminder that each photographer does have their own style, do not expect oranges if you bought apples 🙂

8. Are YOU our actual photographer for our wedding day?

This may seem like a strange question, but it isn’t. There are a lot of photographers who work under a company name. If they are unable to take pictures at your wedding, they will send another photographer instead. This could be good or bad depending on the reputations of photographers. Make sure you are meeting your actual photographer, and make sure you can see their portfolio.


9. Can you photograph my wedding if you haven’t done a wedding at my venue?

Of course! Wedding photographers are not good if they cannot go anywhere and do beautiful photographs. If you would like them to, ask your photographer to do a site visit if they do not include it in their package.

If I missed something you are dying to know, please let me know in the comments section below. I want to give you as much peace of mind as possible!

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